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Last night, in the session of the City Council, the Resolution was approved which will allow the outsourcing of archival services by providing for digitalization and online access to building practices.

“Giving digital answers is one of the most important challenges we face, this was a commitment that we made during the election campaign with the many technicians who work in the Municipality of Montespertoli. With this step we can improve a service and make it faster.” declares the Mayor Alessio Mugnaini

Currently the service of access to the documents is managed directly by the municipal staff by appointment and the evasion times are very long with the risk of significant slowdowns, moreover the smartworking period linked to the health emergency has further emphasized the problem both for employees and for users: citizens and external technicians.

By 30 September 2020 it is possible to submit the – ISEE FACILITIES MODEL – to request payment for school services, including nursery school, with discounted rates.

The discounted rates will be applied from 01/01/2021 for those who submit the request after 30/09/2020 but no later than 31.12.2020

Attached is the canteen menu which will come into effect from 28 September and will remain until November.

Starting from Monday 28 September, the Montespertoli Library will extend the opening hours of the study rooms inside and outside the structure.

Not only in the afternoon, but also in the morning it will be possible to study at the temporary location of the Library at the Center for the Culture of Vine and Wine ‘I Lecci’ with hours Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 11 to 14 and from 15 to 19, Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 14 and from 15 to 19 and Saturday from 10 to 12.

President Giulia Pippucci has convened the Municipal Council which will take place at the Center for the Culture of Wine ‘I Lecci’, to guarantee security measures, extraordinarily on Wednesdays at 7.00 pm on 23 September 2020.

at 19.00 honorary citizenship will be conferred on Senator for life Liliana Segre for her tireless commitment as a testimony to the horrors of the Shoah in favor of memory.

The parchment with citizenship will then be delivered to Senator Segre at a later time as it will not be present at the City Council.

Last Saturday afternoon, September 12, the Urban Park was filled with boys and girls to discover sport. Many local associations responded and the children were able to try many different sports.

The Giunta Mugnaini this year has doubled and has also thought of adults and for Saturday 26 September a day to promote sport has been organized.

The day will start from 7 to 12 with gentle gymnastics sessions that will take place in the green areas of the Urban Park.

In recent days, the Municipality of Montespertoli published an expression of interest in search of associations, based in the area, interested in being a guide with their expertise for the morning.

In the afternoon, at 5 pm, a rural experience called “Sgambata circa il Castello” will start from Piazza dei Machiavelli with a path through the vineyards and olive groves of the Sonnino Castle. The route foresees a distance of about 5 km and upon arrival a small refreshment snack will be organized by the owners of the castle.

The Tuscany Region, the State Administration and the European Union are encouraging actions aimed at improving and developing quality and universalistic education and reception services for children, as well as ensuring those conditions necessary to encourage the participation of responsible members of care, and in particular of women, in the labor market.